The Grand Outlet - East Jakarta

2023 (Scheduled)

  1. Outlet mall
  2. Retail
  3. Indonesia
  • Location: Indonesia
  • Completion: 2023 (Scheduled)
  • Area: approx. 49,000 sqm
  • Building Type: Outlet Mall
  • Scope: Architectural Design

Project Description

“Shopping in Nature” The Grand Outlet - East Jakarta is envisaged to go beyond a conventional shopping mall. It is a destination for celebrations, events and attractions, while offering a sense of retreat or haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To design and give shape to such client’s vision, we employed biomimicry (forest, bamboo, water, flower and rice terrace) to create five themed nodes in the project. By carefully arranging these nodes along passages and adopting the themes into the material selection and landscape elements, this outlet mall will provide visitors with joys, surprises, and unparalleled experiences on top of shopping activities. The design concept "Shopping in Nature" can also be found at pedestrian spaces in the galleria, where komorebi: “the sunshine leaking through foliage” has translated into random and dynamic patterns at the roof and the external pavement. The landscape elements and an irregular pattern of canopy columns create winding and meandering routes for the visitors travelling from node to node. All in all, these design approaches contribute to curating unique vistas reminiscent of nature.


The main entrance canopy is designed based on the concept of komorebi, where sunlight is filtered by tree foliage and creates pockets of sunshine and shadows on ground. "Artist's Impression of the Main Entrance"


Visitors move and rest in the main galleria, where there are seating nooks nestled amongst lush vegetation. The canopy creates shade on ground to offer a cooling and comfortable environment for the visitors. "Artist's Impression of the Main Galleria"


The vibrant Green Hub has a flexible plaza that can be utilized for events, and anchored by a large central staircase with luxuriant foliage to evoke the feeling of traversing in terracing paddy fields. "Artist's Impression of the Green Hub"


In the Flower Park, children frolic in the green lawn amidst flowering plants. The design of the street furniture was inspired by the soft and graceful natural contour of flowers. "Artist's Impression of the Flower Park"


Water features are strategically designed at the Water Circle to create several points of interest and activity for the users. "Artist's Impression of the Water Circle"


Lifestyle destination for celebrations, events, and attractions from the bustle of the city.


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