Jurong Lake District Masterplan


  1. Urban Planning
  2. Singapore
  • Location: Singapore
  • Completion of Scope: 2016
  • Area: approx. 1,710,000 sqm
  • Building Type: Mixed Use
  • Scope: Urban Planning

Project Description

Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority held a competition to determine the masterplanner of the 170ha site around the new high-speed rail terminal station to Kuala Lumpur and beyond. The vision was to create a sustainable mixed use community and the second Central Business District (CBD). Our proposal was sucessfully shortlisted as one of the five teams shortlisted for Stage 2 of the Jurong Lake District Request for Proposal (RFP) exercise. The driving concept behind this masterplan is "MUSUBU" which signifies the bonds among people, different cultures, races, and transverses all ages, genders, social class and religion. This is akin to the "Kampong Spirit" of a sense of community and solidarity which is treasured as part of Singapore's heritage. The masterplan aims to propel future development and affirm the identity of Singaporeans, by developing urban spaces that will give people a sense of heartfelt emotional attachment and pride. Through this proposal that condenses nature, technology, and culture, a humanistic society can grow and develop in this little red dot.


The masterplan aims to realize a well-harmonised, humanistic and diverse society. Axis, Zones and Cores are designed to be the key frame of the plan.


Opened to the public, the new terminal station will be the core of the district and the gateway of Singapore. Within the station, visible multi-dimensional connections create a dynamic theatrical space.


The roof of the station which holds an observation spot at its apex will be accessible via bridges as part of the urban park continuing from the west side of the terminus.


The tranquil atmosphere of Jurong Lake Gardens is well respected and made a signature part of the cohesive urban planning.


The building typology considers several key points, which are the setback from podium, voids within the towers to allow windflow, inner atrium and public plazas, and vertical green terracing at the façade, ensuring all aspects are considered.