Mitsubishi Estate Thailand Office (Bangkok)


  1. Interiors
  2. Thailand
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Completion of Construction: 2023
  • Area: approx. 300 sqm
  • Building Type: Interiors
  • Scope: Interior Design

Project Description

The design was to accommodate the new method of living and working since the pandemic that has since blurred the lines between office cubicle and home. The office was redefined against new standards where the working conditions needed to fulfil hybrid and scaleable working arrangements, optimise productivity and efficiency while considering health, safety and wellbeing. The use of natural materials, lighting design that emulates natural light and the integration of lush greenery make the office a pleasant and comfortable place for staff members to come back to since working from home. The office becomes a “pseudo-home” optimized for office work and health.


The office was designed as a "Post-COVID office" where staff members would return to the office after a long period of working from home. The key principle of this office was "DisCo" where everyone needed to be "Distant" and have their own space, yet still connected as a "Community".


The main workspace is occupied by a "SUPERTABLE" where numerous activities involving different number of working staff can happen and flexible discussion and collaboration can occur. The "SUPERTABLE" is marked by a single ribbon of wooden laminate that carves out the workspaces, trailed by the curved linear light above on the ceiling. Staff members can work individually yet remain united in this "SUPERTABLE".


At the heart of the workspace is a theatre with two rows of seating where formal or informal sharing sessions can take place. The retractable projector screen, whiteboard and supporting facilities provide the tools and setting neccesary for a well-crafted and engaging presentation.


Relatively public spaces such as meeting rooms and stationary work stations where people may spend longer periods of time are located towards the large windows for optimum views and maximized daylight comfort.


Since coming back from working from home, there was an increasing need for enclosed and focus spaces. These private spaces like solo booths, group booths, printer and store room are hidden behind the bookshelf that spans across the length of the office. 


The entrance & gallery is used as a waiting area for visitors before entering the main office. The transitory task of waiting is elevated in this environment that is designed to feel as natural as possible and is a showcase of sensitive Japanese design essence. This is created by the tunable lights that replicate natural light closely and the various natural material finishes used, such as pebble wash, wooden louvres and lush greenery. 


The tunable lights used in this entrance & gallery span the range of 1800K to 12000K, breaking the boundaries of traditional tunable white light that usually spans the range 2700K to 6500K. As a result, the lighting conditions within this space mimics almost exactly the fluctuating daytime conditions, such as, early morning, clear blue sky, afternoon, sunset, moonlight, etc. At night, the lights serve as growth lights for natural plants, ensuring they thrive despite being indoors with a lack of sunlight.


The formal meeting room is designed for executive clients, finished in a more polished and sleek manner. The views towards the greenery provide added visual respite.


The semi formal meeting room is meant to be used more casually by staff members and clients alike, following finishes which are used throughout the office.

MET Concept.jpg

Concept Diagram "SUPERTABLE" One table to create a post covid community.