Mitsubishi Jisho Design is Japan’s oldest full-service architectural firm, with roots that go back to the Marunouchi Architectural Office, established within the Mitsubishi Company to develop Japan’s first business district. In the 130 years since then, we have watched the district grow and shared the aspirations of the people who work there. We have designed architecture and contributed to urban development in cities and towns throughout Japan and around the world. Our history is one of consistently working with the era’s latest technologies, creating new systems, and engaging in projects from the viewpoint of urban value rather than individual buildings. Every member of Mitsubishi Jisho Design will strive to build on the knowledge and technical expertise inherited from our predecessors, and deepen our engagement with the city and buildings that enhance it, sharing our ambitions and contributing to society as engineering professionals.

* In September 2020, Mitsubishi Jisho Design will celebrate the 130th anniversary of its founding.