The Okura Residences Jakarta / Hotel Okura Jakarta (tentative name)


  1. Mixed Use-Office
  2. Residential
  3. Retail
  4. Indonesia
  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Completion: 2025
  • Area: approx. 95,000 sqm
  • Building Type: Mixed Use
  • Scope: Architectural Design

Project Description

People who live at this mixed use serviced apartment, hotel and commercial facility lead fast and transient lives. As such the time they spend here may be limited. But the experiences they have and their impressions will be immensely profound in this condensed, but special phase of their life. The duality in their lives is pronounced as they switch between work and leisure, between tireless focus and content relaxation, between the mundane and the extraordinary and so on. The building should catalyse the feeling of ‘home’ toward the extraordinary. It should excite one to live there and cherish the memories created there. A timeless home is one that enriches, rejuvenates, enlivens and fulfils. The memories in this Timeless Eden, in physical form, become like heirloom jewellery, which gets passed down to generations due to its immense value, beauty and memory. The building form itself is like a jewel that crown the city of Jakarta.


The building sits in the strategic site known as the 'Golden Triangle' with its timeless design, facing Jl. Gatot Subroto and surrounded by the buildings of the Jakarta CBD.


The prismatic form of the building crown reminisces a jewel, like that of an heirloom that is passed through generations.


The allure of the building is broken down to the elements of jewellery design: a 'feature stone', the 'prong' / 'claw' setting and the 'base' / 'shank'.


An urban getaway influences every design element, refreshing and modern.

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