+EMOTION  Moving Hearts, Shaping the Future.

The power of imagination.
That’s what’s in the heart of everything we do and stand for at Mitsubishi Jisho Design.
And we are committed to further enriching the environment, cultures and the future
by giving shape to our imaginations for people and communities.

As a leader of architectural design in Japan with a long, rich history and tradition,
our expertise in comprehensive design and urban insights, and ongoing pursuit for essence and quality
are unparalleled.

And we will continue to deliver further “+ (plus)” to the value we have honed over the years.
That “+” is “EMOTION”, through designs that move people’s hearts in the most profound ways.
Our commitment goes beyond mere function,
by designing amazement, enjoyment, pride, peacefulness and happiness.

Moving people’s hearts in greater ways.
Yielding more “+” wherever we will be.

The ambition of our brand slogan

In this era of rapid change, we are called upon to realize the aspirations of our clients and to make lasting and meaningful contributions to society. To succeed, we need a firm grasp of what is most essential in the task before us and an approach that constantly looks ahead toward something new and the next step forward. Our brand slogan expresses that ambition. In addition to the values central to our brand throughout the 126 years of our activities since our roots in the Marunouchi Architectural Office – total design and engineering, deep insight into the city, and the pursuit of substance and true quality – the “+” of our slogan expresses an ambition to add new value. For the sake of our clients and the sake of our profession, every member of the firm will seek to add a “+” that brings new value to each project and each assignment. (April 2016)