Urban Planning + Design

We provide a wide variety of urban planning services, ranging from consulting to design, which start from a firm grasp of the overall urban development project and result in proposals that give form to the relations between the city and buildings, and the relations between people, from a viewpoint close to the client. Amid major changes in society and the economic environment, there is a need for pleasant and functional urban spaces, and also for continuity. In addition to the specific skills required for urban planning, architectural planning, urban infrastructure planning, environmental planning, and business planning, there is also a need for overall integration. From this standpoint, we define a path for the project and provide support for optimal urban development, including the town management functions needed for operation and administration.

  • Master plans and land use plans, formulation of urban development strategies
  • Utilization of urban development policy systems on the basis of strategies for growth and enhanced international competitiveness, handling of procedures and consultations
  • Planning for urban infrastructure, including urban and public facilities, streets, and transportation
  • Design of urban spaces, cityscapes, urban facilities
  • Environmental proposals for energy conservation and efficient use of resources, and consulting for disaster prevention
  • Town management consulting for sustainable development and enlivenment of the city as a whole through cultural, publicity, and social exchange activities