Message from the President|Management Philosophy

The origin of Mitsubishi Jisho Design reaches back to the establishment of the Marunouchi Architectural Office in 1890 by the Mitsubishi Company to develop a business center for modern Japan in the Marunouchi district of Tokyo. We have spent our long history as an in-house design organization of Mitsubishi Estate Company and have been involved in many epoch-making projects.
Since becoming an independent company in 2001, our business, which includes urban planning, architectural design, consulting, renovation, construction management, and interior design, has expanded beyond Japan to East Asian countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Amidst the paradigm shift to a maturing society with a declining birthrate and an aging population, urban restructuring is taking place not only in Tokyo but all over Japan. In addition to functionality, efficiency, and a safe, secure, and comfortable environment, cities and architecture are required to realize a sustainable, low-carbon society that coexists with nature and to realize a variety of lifestyles and work styles. The notion of cities and architecture itself is in a state of great transformation.
In this era of drastic change, we aspire to be a company that continues to meet the expectations of society and to realize the wishes of our clients.

In September 2020, we celebrated the 130th anniversary of our founding.
We have taken this opportunity to reevaluate the significance of our existence and redefine our management philosophy as a guideline for each and every employee.

We are constantly evolving.
With our creativity and technology,
we will continue to design truly enriching environments and cultures.

We have also established a policy that addresses the SDGs, which are international goals aimed at building a sustainable society by 2030.
Throughout our long history as a comprehensive design firm, we have strived to create a rich environment and culture, and to realize a truly meaningful society. Each one of us will once again share this philosophy, work together with our clients to solve various issues, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
We appreciate your continued support and guidance.

Mitsubishi Jisho Design Inc.
President & Chief Executive Officer
Junichi Tanisawa