Special Feature GINZA KABUKIZA

Special Feature
Kabukiza Theatre and Kabukiza Tower

Since its completion in February 2013, the 5th-generation Kabukiza has attracted attention in Japan and abroad as unique project that brings the traditions of the historic theatre into the present age while incorporating a modern high-rise office tower. The team that took up the challenges of this difficult project was made up of professionals from Mitsubishi Jisho Design.
For this special feature, we interviewed members of the team and asked them to share their perspectives on GINZA KABUKIZA.

※This special feature was published in 2013.
The job titles given for the persons interviewed are the titles that they held at that time.

Building photos: Taisuke Ogawa
SS Tokyo Co. Ltd.
Portrait photos: Mamoru Nagai
Cooperation: Shochiku Co., Ltd., Kabuki-za Co., Ltd.