Construction Management

Construction Management

1. Mitsubishi Jisho Design (MJD)’s Construction Management

As the social and economic environment surrounding construction projects is becoming more sophisticated and complex, the needs of our clients are diversifying. We at Mitsubishi Jisho Design – a full-service architecture and engineering firm and a member of a real estate developer group – can offer Construction Management services with a wide range of management solutions and flexible expert assistance to solve the various issues faced by our clients and lead them to a successful construction project in Japan and overseas.
We have experience with a wide range of projects, including office buildings, retail facilities, logistics centers, factories, and R&D facilities.

2. Our domestic services for businesses operating in Japan

Our Construction Management services offer a series of expert assistance at each phase of a building project that includes Business Feasibility Study, Procurement, Design, and Construction.

Business feasibility study phase

Prior to the start of a construction project, we provide expert assistance during the business feasibility study by performing building volumetric studies to identify the requirements and constraints (such as use, scale, related laws and regulations, project budget, etc.) of the building site, elaborating the master schedule of the project, and analyzing the business potential that the building can generate. With the expertise of a full-service architecture and engineering firm, we can also carry out urban planning methods study and comparative studies against large-scale renovations of existing buildings (including seismic reinforcement and conversion).

Procurement phase

To successfully conclude the contracts (design, construction, etc.), we support from the beginning of the procurement process throughout the contract signing process. We can also help to ensure transparency in the procurement process and accountability to the stakeholders and provide cost management support.

Design phase

During the early design phase, based on the client’s business plan, we offer support for the elaboration of the Concept Design, master schedule, and project budget. We can also propose the project implementation organization structure and delivery methods.
Throughout the development of the design (from Schematic Design to Detailed Design), we provide support in communicating the design conditions (objectives and technical requirements and constraints) to the architects while helping the client in the decision-making process. During this process, we can also carry out a Design Review — through technical validation and suggestions for design improvement (including Value Engineering) — of the design documents issued by the architects, helping to ensure that the required specifications and budget are met. Furthermore, we offer a review from a property manager and building operator perspective during the design review.

Construction phase

Through our quality management methods, we help ensure a smooth construction process via construction QA/QC of the parties involved (including sharing of QA/QC policies), implementation of project meetings (including management of documents and communication), and support on design change order process (including cost management). We also support the client in checking the construction progress and quality through report reviews and site inspections.

Tenant construction works

In tenant construction works, we provide expert assistance by establishing an organizational structure for tenant construction works, organizing the roles of the various parties involved, coordinating each tenant work with the whole building’s construction schedule, advising on clarifying necessary construction works, operation and assets scope and responsibilities, checking possible issues such as leasing policies and internal construction and design guidelines. We can also provide interior design with construction supervision for tenant works.

Other services

Our team of experts can also offer one-time consulting and expert assistance services such as surveys of building condition, construction cost estimate reviews, minor works contracts (FF&E, ICT etc.) management support, and program management for multiple facilities.

3. Our overseas services for businesses operating in other Asian countries

Based on our experience with consulting services such as Construction Management, Project Management, Architectural Design, and Urban Planning in Japan and overseas, we provide expert assistance to clients operating in other Asian countries.
With our team of experts and the support of local subsidiaries, we offer the following flexible expert assistance services, ranging from one-time to comprehensive assistance (including Project Management), to meet the diverse needs of our clients at each phase of a project:

(1) Expert assistance during business feasibility study phase (e.g., reconstruction/renovation plan review, existing building survey)

(2) Assistance during procurement and contractor selection phase (e.g., RFP compilation, evaluation of proposal documents, review of construction cost estimate)

(3) Expert assistance during design phase (e.g., review of design documents)

(4) Expert assistance during construction phase (e.g., review of quality control practices, review of construction progress reports)

(5) Expert assistance during building operation phase (e.g., advise on facility management plan, life cycle plan proposal)