Environmental Planning + Management

From the planning stage to project completion, we provide environmental support for urban development projects of every type, including office and residential buildings, commercial and distribution facilities, research laboratories, and factories. As environmental consultants from a full-service architectural design and engineering firm, we bring to bear expertise gained through practical experience in urban development projects to provide solutions to the various challenges that accompany such projects, from environmental and transport planning to remediation of contaminated soil. Through consultations with governing authorities and the process of forging consensus among stakeholders, we respond to the need for sustainable growth and a pleasant urban environment and help maintain the client’s standing as a trusted member of society.

  • Environmental assessments, surveys required for urban planning, forecasts and evaluations, proposals for environmental conservation (government consultations, explanatory meetings, support for the forging of consensus between review committees and other stakeholders)
  • Development of transport plans, surveys and analysis, solution proposals
  • Wind tunnel tests for building construction, wind environment simulation, electromagnetic interference prediction
  • Environmental surveys and forecasts for location of large-scale commercial facilities
  • Soil pollution risk management, survey planning and execution
  • Smart city/biodiversity urban planning, heat island countermeasures (greening, special pavements, wind paths, etc.), support for subsidy grant use