Civil Engineering

Urban and district development involve a number of interrelated fields, including roads, rail, airports, rivers, energy, disaster prevention, environment, and landscape. Amid calls for denser development, it is more important than ever to treat buildings and urban infrastructure as a unity and to develop seamlessly integrated spaces. Drawing on our extensive experience and achievements in urban civil engineering, we make interdisciplinary proposals to facilitate the evolution of cities, districts, and buildings into attractive and enjoyable spaces, deploying best practices to meet the specialized needs of redevelopment projects and other urban challenges.

  • Planning, construction supervision, and consulting for stationfront plazas, including major terminal stations, streets, roads, parks, rivers, water and sewage lines, underground pedestrian spaces, auto networks, underground roads, streets, plazas, and parking
  • Consultation, coordination, and procedures for urban infrastructure in urban development projects.
  • Surveys, analysis, and formulation of urban transportation plans and solution proposals
  • Planning, construction supervision, and consulting for district heating and cooling tunnels
  • Renovation of urban infrastructure (roads, water and sewage, energy, communications, etc.)
  • Universal design planning, sign system development