Yasukawa Electric South Korea South Branch / South Korea Robot Center

We participated in the project to build a new sales hub (office/factory) for the Japanese company’s local subsidiary in Daegu, South Korea, together with the country’s leading construction management company, Hanmi Global.
To introduce the design-build delivery method, which had few precedents in South Korea, we supported the procurement for the design-builder using a proposal method based on our experience in Japan. In terms of cost, QA/QC, and schedule management from the design phase to the construction phase, we collaborated with Hanmi Global to realize the client’s needs while considering the characteristics of the local building production.

Completion 2015
Location Foreign countries
Building Use Office Building, Logistics・Factories
Themes Construction Management
Total Floor Area 10,700㎡
Floors 4 above ground
Structure S
Completed Project
Design in Progress
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