Grand Front Osaka

The project, undertaken by private developers, including Mitsubishi Estate, consisted of the development of a complex facility with a variety of uses such as retail, a knowledge capital, offices, a convention center, a hotel, condominiums, and a plaza, in the First Phase Development Zone of approximately 7 hectares within the 24-hectare “Umekita” redevelopment area located on the north side of JR Osaka Station. As part of the project management by Mitsubishi Estate, we provided each of the business operators with a wide range of expert assistance services (project management services) for the overall development project.

Services provided: Program Management

Completion 2013
Location Osaka Osaka City
Building Use Office Building, Commercial, Hospitality, Residential, Streets and Station Plazas
Themes Construction Management
Site Area 47,916㎡
South Building: 10,571㎡
North Building & Tower C: 22,680㎡
Owner's Tower: 4,665㎡
Total Floor Area 567,927㎡
South Building: 188,076㎡
North Building & Tower C: 295,511㎡
Owner's Tower: 73,800㎡
Development Area South Building: 3 basement, 38 above ground
North Building: 3 basement, 38 above ground
Tower C: 3 basement, 33 above ground
Owner's Tower: 1 basement, 48 above ground
Completed Project
Design in Progress
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