Innovation Garden OSAKA Center

The facility is a central location for Konica Minolta’s digital workplace development with an eye toward the next generation of ICT. The building is a suitable development base with comfortable office areas with the magnificent natural scenery of the Hokusetsu Mountains, a collaboration area for fostering diverse wisdom, and an open laboratory for collaboration with external partners. We provided support throughout the project, from the elaboration of concept design to review of detailed design drawings, construction costs, and construction QA/QC.

Services provided: Construction Management + Procurement Support, Minor Works Contract Management Support

Completion 2020
Location Osaka Takatsuki City
Building Use Office Building, Resarch Laboratories
Themes Construction Management
Site Area 19,782㎡
Total Floor Area 11,898㎡
Floors 4 above ground
Structure S
Completed Project
Design in Progress
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